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Abstract Reference: 30993
Identifier: P4.1
Presentation: Poster presentation
Key Theme: 4 Long-term Management of Data Archives

Discovering European Hubble Science Archive Data (lightning talk)

Arevalo Sanchez Maria, Duran Javier, Haase Jonas, Salgado Jesus, Arviset Christophe, De Marchi Guido, Fabrizio Giordano

The European Hubble Science Archive is located at ESAC Science Data Centre (ESDC), where it has been completely reengineered and redesigned, and it is now fully integrated with the rest of the ESA science archives for astronomical missions, to ensure long preservation and maintenance of the Hubble data: over 1.2 million observations from 10 different scientific instruments that conform a treasure of astronomical data. All the public HST data, Hubble Legacy Archive and high-level science data products are available to the user from the from the European HST archive (EHST), released in October 2015. In addition to the dedicated archive, the ESDC offers Hubble Science Archive data from the ESASky tool, and the Hubble Source Catalogue into the Gaia Archive. Both visualization and science return possibilities become now greater than ever. We present here all the means that the ESAC Science Data Centre offers to the astronomy community interested in Hubble Science Archive data, as well as the new features recently incorporated into the EHST.