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Accesso Utenti


Local Organising Committee

  • Fabio Pasian, LOC Chair (INAF-OATs)
  • Stefano Borgani, LOC Co-Chair (INAF-OATs and UniTS)
  • Carlo Baccigalupi (SISSA)
  • Guido Cupani (INAF-OATs)
  • Simonetta Fabrizio (INAF-OATs)
  • Federico Gasparo (INAF-OATs)
  • Giorgio Giorgetti (UniTS)
  • Giulia Iafrate (INAF-OATs)
  • Marco Molinaro (INAF-OATs)
  • Massimo Ramella (INAF-OATs)
  • Erik Romelli (UniTS - INAF-OATs - Science Industries)
  • Gabriella Schiulaz (INAF-OATs)
  • Giuliano Taffoni (INAF-OATs)
  • Daniele Tavagnacco (INAF-OATs - Science Industries)
  • Claudio Vuerli (INAF-OATs)

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