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Social Events

Sunday 16 October 2016 - 19:00

XXVI ADASS Conference - Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will be held at Magazzino 42, a hall situated at the far end of the same pier where the Maritime Station is located, with ample windows and a large terrace with panoramic views over the Gulf of Trieste.
A good chance to network with your ADASS colleagues in a pleasant and scenic location, while enjoying the taste of the local cuisine.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - 7:00 from Stazione Marittima

ADASSXXVI Jogging Wakeup

Starting from the Stazione Marittima, follow LOC members in a jogging discovery of the Porto Vecchio, the Old Harbour, an area forming the centre of harbour activities when Trieste was part of the Austrian Empire, abandoned for quite some time, and about to be renewed in the next years.


Monday 17 October 2016

XXVI ADASS Conference - Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner of the XXVI ADASS Conference will be held on Monday 17th October at the Savoy Restaurant.

The venue is very conveniently located as it is just across the street from the Conference Centre.

The Restaurant is hosted by the Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace, one of the most ancient and historical palaces of Trieste, now a 5-star luxury hotel.
The charming building, the priceless sea view, and the traditional cuisine will offer ADASS guest the occasion to spend a pleasant evening enjoying the location and tasting Italian and local delights.
Reserve you seat online while registering to the Conference!

Price: 80,00.- euro p.p.


Tuesday 18 October 2016

19:00 - 1st performance
20:30 - 2nd performance


A remote LOw LAtency concert

Sala Tartini, Conservatorio G. Tartini, Via Carlo Ghega 12, Trieste

LOLA is a hardware/software ultra-low latency audio-visual streaming system that, since 2008, Conservatorio G. Tartini and Consortium GARR in Trieste are developing.

This system is the only system in the world which makes possible enjoying musical performances at distance via optical network.
More than 100 Universities and Institutions in USA and Europe use LOLA on a regular basis for their productions and pedagogical activities.

In January 2016 Conservatorio Tartini equipped its Concert Hall with an important multimedia setup based on LOLA, thus making possible complex musical events at distance.
The “Connections” concert offered to ADASS participants will be performed by a soloist and a large ensemble playing in two different places.

Concertos K414 and K449 for piano and strings by Mozart will be performed by the orchestra in Trieste and by a pianist in Ljubljana.

Event duration: about 40. min (speech included).

More information about LOLA:

The CONNECTIONS concert is sponsored by


A reception will be held at the Birreria Forst, Via Giorgio Galatti 11, between 18:45 and 21:00 – initially, for the ADASS delegates waiting to attend the 2nd performance of the “Connections” concert, and then for the delegates having attended the 1st performance.

The Birreria Forst is a place following the spirit of traditional breweries, offering a wide variety of menus and drinks. 


Donne Inquiete, during ADASS and IVOA conferences

19 October
Official inauguration
in the Galleria trART, Viale XX Settembre, with an exhibition of three artists and a performance of Cri Eco en plein air

20 October
Ombrosa Bellezza at the Teatro Stabile Sloveno. Everything in the feminine, multi-medial, texts in English, Slovenian, German, Italian, four musicians, actresses and singers

21 October
Poetry reading with Gabriella Musetti and her women writers/poets at the Café San Marco

22 October
A day at the Parco San Giovanni visits at the exhibitions, meetings with multi-ethnical artists (in several languages) and a performance of contemporary ballet.